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Morgan Ostendorf - January 2017 (Received on our Google page)

Got into a fender bender in my car that's less than a year old, needless to say I was not pleased. The guys at the shop made it like it never happened, great communication and got it back on the road quick. Highly recommend

Matthew Levinsky - January 2017 (Received on our Google page)

Adam and crew got my Tacoma up and running again. Love that Taco and would definitely go back again.

Charles Tuan

I'm a professional detailer and I have very high standards for body and paint work. I've been here twice now and I would never go anywhere else. My car is my baby and if it ever needs paint work, they are the only ones to touch it. The work they do is so far above and beyond other body shops it's scary. Yes they are pricey, but I come from a line of work where low prices usually end up costing more in the end. Mike is super nice and gives an straightforward estimate. The second time I was there to have some rust dealt with, they damaged panel reattaching the bumper cover. They told me as soon as I came to pick up the car and told me to bring it back the next week and they'd take care of it, no cost, no questions asked. When I brought up having another spot worked on the same time and reached for my wallet, they simply said: "Don't worry we'll take care of it." They are open, honest, straightforward and provide some of the finest work I have ever seen. If you need paint or body work done, don't hesitate to take it to Advanced Auto, they won't let you down.

Doug F.

Twice in the last year, Leo and his team at Advanced have been VERY generous by doing minor quick fix repairs for FREE (re-bolting on a license plate after a minor front bumper impact, and lubing & adjusting the hood latch), while also giving me what seemed to be very reasonable quotes. Despite my attempts to pay them for their work, they refused to accept my money. I have yet to move forward with any additional body work (the car is a bit of a beater), but when I do I will certainly go to Advanced. Advanced seems like a business with high integrity that seeks long-term customer satisfaction over short-term nickel and dime transactions. They also seem like great people.

Sam B.

The best place to go for auto body repairs. They take care of you through the whole process, are honest and do excellent work.

Deb R.

My car sustained tremendous damage in an accident. I very upset but after speaking with Adam, he assured me he would take care of everything, and he did. I got my car back looking and driving like new. I highly recommend Advanced Auto Body for any repairs you might need.

Laura B.

I had some minor body work done (a dent on the door and scratches on the fender). The work was done in the amount of time estimated and looks beautiful. Colors match perfectly. They also cleaned up some other scratches on the car and detailed the inside. Great job! Everyone I talked to was very nice, and it was a third less expensive than another estimate I got.